5 Reasons to Hire a Car for Business Trips

By Europcar |

Now that Christmas is over and you’re back to work after the New Year, you’re probably planning your year of business trips, meeting and presentations. If you’re very organised, you will have booked your first trip already, which is great, you’re one step closer to meeting clients and discovering new cities. Sorting out your travel arrangements isn’t the quickest activity, nor is it something you’ll likely do until you’re just days away from packing your things, but it’s one of those to-do’s that must be factored in to the overall cost of your trip – even if you’re expensing it. With restrictions on business spending getting tighter and tighter, transport to/home from the airport, to your hotel and around your destination has to be reasonably priced and can get more expensive the later you leave it. We’re here to convince you that booking a hire car before you forget is the best option for you and your business.


If you’re out visiting clients or have a business meeting that you must travel to, then driving your own vehicle may be your best option, if the journey is short or is already covered by company benefit contributions. However, if your journey involves flying, or if your car isn’t the most fuel efficient on long and short journeys, it may be a better option to hire a car, either for the entire journey or drive one-way to your local Airport, fly to your destination and pick up another hire car for your onward journey. Getting your vehicle delivered and collected from your home or workplace would even save you time at the rental location as both the vehicle and paperwork would come to you, giving you more time to go over important presentations, emails or just sit back with a coffee.


While it is an option to use your own car for travelling to the airport or driving cross-channel, the costs of doing so can often add up to make it more expensive than to hire a car. When you consider the additional fuel costs of driving there and home again, not to mention the increased insurance excess on your current business policy to cover you for driving abroad and costs associated with crossing the channel, it’s not such a viable option any longer, especially when budgets are tight. With one-way routes in the UK for just £1, you can find routes to all the major airports, saving you heaps of cash and insurance and tax are included in the price! Using our Grey Fleet Calculator will also help you determine if you’re better off hiring a car than using your own.

Top Tip: Pre-paying for your hire car can also save you money, as will booking direct with the car hire company!


Taxis from your hotel to the meeting, to lunch and back all adds up. When you’re on a business trip and have a few extra hours to spend exploring the city, grabbing dinner or picking up souvenirs for the kids, the last thing you need to be worrying about is how you’ll get around whilst you’re there. Picking up a pre-booked hire car when you land in your destination is simple, just bring your driving licence and bank card you booked with and you’re on the road in no time and to help you find your meetings, points of interest and your hotel is easy, just add a sat-nav to your booking! You’ve got complete freedom of travel when you hire a car, even taking it cross-border isn’t an issue, though there may be additional fees and documents required.


When hiring a car for business, you can use the opportunity to treat yourself to a car that offers a little more comfort and luxury than you have at home or you usually get from local taxis so that you can enjoy your trip to the fullest, in style and comfort! With a range of sizes and types of cars to choose from, the variety gives you peace of mind that you’ll be comfortable, impress clients and represent your business in a clean, stylish car, not stuffed into the back of a taxi or up-close and personal with locals on the bus. Mini and Compact cars are perfect for nipping through narrow city streets whilst a sleek saloon or coupe are perfect for business meetings when appearance is everything. Trade up for a luxury hire car with additional features that will make your journey unforgettable – who says business hire cars should be ordinary?


There’s nothing worse than having to lug your suitcases across towns and cities between meetings – you can’t leave them at the airport and your hotel is too far from the city centre to drop them off by taxi so you’re left juggling bags, laptops and papers all day. When you hire a car all those worries are taken care of – you’ll have plenty of space for all your bags, plus extra room for any presents you might bring back, giving you the freedom to drop everything off at your accommodation or keep them in the car whilst you go out to meetings or for lunch.

Once you’ve decided to hire a car, the only thing left to do is hit the road!